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Paul Czaplicki (or Paul Cz) works for Toyota. As the "Product Brand Manager" for Trucks and SUVs, he heard what you wanted in a TRD beast, and worked to make it happen.

After twenty years of truck marketing, Paul Cz has spent more hours behind the wheels of TRD Pro trucks than he can count. He's worked with all the engineers and the race teams over the years. So he knows that people sometimes need a little help understanding the TRD line-up.

Nicknamed "The Godfather of TRD", Paul's modesty won't let him say he coined the example, but no one else is taking credit for it. So, here we are.

Since TRD was forged in the deserts of Baja Mexico, the local food was a big part of the inspiration. Each level of the TRD line is like a style of salsa: mild, medium, and hot.

Mild: TRD Sport — This is the on-road tuned line of TRD trucks. If you want your truck to look awesome and handle great on pavement, this is the one for you. And just like when you're ordering chips for the table, mild salsa is great for virtually everyone.

Medium: TRD Off-Road — But let's say you want to take your vehicle off the road. This level includes key elements (like a locking rear differential) that help you get the most out of your excursions through dirt, sand, and mud.

Hot: TRD Pro — Now we're talking the real heat. You don't just go trail driving; you go where there aren't any trails. If you off-road early and often, this is the ride for you.

Meet Paul Cz

What That TRD Pro Life is All About

Tune the suspension to work in harmony with the wheels and tires, lift the body for a bit more clearance, bolt on a skid plate, connect a cat-back exhaust… you get the idea. The list of upgrades that come with a TRD Pro vehicle are substantial. Paul listened to what you wanted (and what you didn't want to have to get aftermarket) and then worked with the TRD Engineers to develop and test each model.

The best part is you're getting these upgrades designed specifically for your vehicle, by the people that actually made your vehicle. These don't just "fit", they're tuned specifically for your model and they come stock. Go from the dealership to the dirt without ever having to bolt on an aftermarket part.

The TRD Pro series are tested in some of the most rigorous environments on earth. So, unless you live in a perpetual state of driving the Baja race, you're set to hit the open road & your favorite trails.

What That TRD Pro Life is All About
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What's Coming in 2020

For the new year, there's a new TRD Pro addition: the Sequoia. But here's the whole menu of what you can choose from.

TRD Pro Sequoia — When we say it's a "big addition" to the lineup, we ain't kidding. With seating for seven, this beast would let you go off-roading with your favorite basketball team and the coach.

TRD Pro Tundra — Haul people. Haul gear. Tow almost anything. Or do it all at once. This truck sits high, has a great approach angle, and—fun fact—the "Pro" was originally intended to be a Tundra-only variant.

TRD Pro Tacoma — The beloved "Taco" continues to be a versatile, powerful off-road force. The larger in-dash screen makes the trail camera even better. And now, an industry first in North America, that sweet snorkel comes standard—thanks, Paul.

TRD Pro 4Runner — The do-everything, crawl-everywhere, climb-anything 4Runner continues to be a fan favorite. The 2020 model is the next level of refinement to one of the most popular SUVs in the world.

What's coming in 2020


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