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The 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro Debuts In Chicago

By now you’ve probably heard the rumors and reports of the new Tacoma. It’s been called "roughed up", "muscled out", "the spiciest Taco" and "The highest performing Tacoma yet." The whispers started long before the mythic new Tacoma TRD Pro appeared this year at the Chicago Auto Show. Building on the innovation and momentum of the TRD Pro family, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is factory equipped for adventure by the design experts at TRD, creating a new benchmark in Off-Road capability.

Adventure isn’t always planned and the unexpected sometimes happens off the trail. Toyota’s TRD Pro series is at home volcano hopping, racing through Baja and sludging through the snow. For the most treacherous settings, TRD has tuned in to the needs and dreams of Toyota’s robust Off-Road community, creating a vehicle that is not only the heir to the storied Toyota Racing Development legacy, but the passion of TRD’s engineering team as well.



Built to look as fierce as it is fearless

"TRD Pro is all about FUN, EXCITEMENT, and PASSION" - Paul Czaplicki, Vehicle Marketing and Communications Manager - Trucks

The Pro Series emerges from countless endurance races and numerous grueling TRD victories at Baja. Built from these experiences, TRD Pro exists to travel way beyond the trail and tackle some of the world’s wildest terrain. The Pro Series is the adrenaline charged diversion of the already legendary TRD Off-Road family.

The TRD Pro Series first debuted in 2015 with the Tundra, 4Runner and previous generation Tacoma taking center stage. This year’s Tacoma is a true second-generation development for TRD Pro. Far more than the sum of its parts, the Tacoma is comprised of parts hand-selected and tuned by TRD’s engineers.

Tailored as part of the TRD initiative, the 2017 Tacoma wouldn’t be possible without the passion of the build team or consumer input. The top in class on performance, all products and components were carefully selected for the specific needs and desire of the Taco family. It is an unprecedented Tacoma built, with the unparalleled input of Taco ambassadors, by off-roaders for off-roaders.

Tacoma TRD Pro beaten path


Engineer tested and Enthusiast Approved

"Everyone in the building wants to work on this project." - Jakin Wilson, Engineer Toyota Technical Center

The TRD engineering team includes several performance drivers and recreational racers. For the TRD Pro build project, engineers, ambassadors and drivers split into groups forming four separate expedition teams. Each team had four engineers on the run, lasting one week in duration. A journey of passion and enthusiasm, The TRD teams put themselves and the vehicles through an all out endurance test to kick up as much mud as possible and ensure the most accurate data was recorded. Taking on abrasive climates, unruly terrain and near impossible obstacles, the teams brought back all the test information needed to hand select and build the toughest, highest performing Tacoma yet.

Every Toyota truck is "put through its paces" but the testing process for TRD Pro Off-Road is beyond extreme. Unofficial "Testers"- wild man Andy Bell and race legacy Ryan Millen - are among TRD Pro’s greatest proponents. After conquering Baja and hopping the mountains of Chile in the TRD Pro Tundra, they took to the Artic for the Tacoma’s coldest challenge. Abusing their Taco in the world’s harshest setting, Ryan and Andy took to Alaska’s Dalton Highway testing performance in a frozen landscape that most off-roaders will only see on film. Check out the video above to experience the expedition.

Tacoma TRD pro expedition




TRD Heritage and TRD Pro create an off-road monster

The new Tacoma offers many of the time tested features including CRAWL control, Multi-terrain Select system and locking rear differential. Tacoma now boasts a new Fox 2.5 Internal Bypass shock. Fox’s position sensitive suspension was hand picked and compression tuned by the experts at TRD to provide improved handling, control and ride quality both on and off the trail.

Serviceability is always at the front of off-road innovation and that is no more personified than in the skid plate feature. The TRD Pro front skid plate, constructed of ¼ inch aluminum, and carrying the TRD logo, includes an oil change access port and a vehicle lifting point.

The upgrades and innovation dreamt by the off-roaders who eat, breathe and dream adventure have all been integrated, creating a Tacoma befitting the Pro Series moniker.

Harshest terrain

Get Some Goodies


Get the most out of your Tacoma with TRD upgrades

It’s undeniable; the TRD Pro Series is tuned with hand-selected parts that work together, creating the highest performing Tacoma yet. With limited availability, not everyone will get a Pro Series of their own. Pro Series trucks boast incredible durability and performance by utilizing TRD parts available over-the-counter. Upgrade your own Tacoma with the TRD Suspension kit to help bring a Pro look to the truck that you already love.