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The Beast from the East

Born is China, Jackie Ding fell in love with racing at an early age. After moving to Texas as a kid, he started to chart a path to turn his boyhood dreams into his adult reality. Still barely out of his teen years, Jackie found success in F1 cars before switching to Time Attack racing. Now, he's climbing the winner's board and preparing himself for a career in motorsports, all while looking out for the kids coming up behind him. Hang on, America—here comes Jackie Ding.

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Jackie Ding
Drift my dad

Father's Day Pranks Are A Thing, Right?

Jarryd Wallace is a two-time Paralympian. Ken Gushi is world-champion drift racer. Together, they are a conniving pair of pranksters looking to give Jarryd's dad a Father's Day surprise like nothing else. The missing ingredient? The brand-new Toyota Avalon TRD. Get ready for screams, laughs, and lots of tire smoke.

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Prepare for Launch

It's a rare breed of car that has people clamoring for its return 20 years after it graced a showroom floor. That's because the Toyota Supra isn't just any car. After a far-too-long hiatus, the Supra is back. The 2020 model is the fifth generation in this iconic car, and people are falling in love with it already. And from the drool-worthy specs to the gorgeous designs, who can blame them?

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One of the biggest challenges in racing is friction. Fiction causes heat, and if an engine overheats or a bearing seizes, the race is over. That's why TRD relies on Mobil 1 lubricants to help protect their engines and drivetrains. ExxonMobil uses the lessons learned in the heat of competition to create superior products for your daily driver, and that gives you peace of mind that your engine is protected whether you're commuting to work or headed off-road.

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