Not all alloy wheels are created equal… discover the TRD difference

Alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels, which reduces unsprung weight to help improve handling. Alloy wheels also dissipate heat better, so brakes stay cooler. While all alloy wheels look similar on the outside, how they’re engineered has an impact on how they perform. TRD Alloy Wheels are engineered to provide the proper weight, offset and brake clearance to ensure they not only look great, they also provide the proper fit, finish and reliability – and that’s a winning combination.

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Engine / Driveline

Engineered for performance… and a perfect fit

At TRD, we realize true enthusiasts are always looking for extra performance. That’s why we offer a wide range of engine and driveline accessories: Everything from high-performance clutch kits for higher torque capacity to quickshifters that deliver faster, positive shifting with a 20% shorter throw. TRD also offers high-performance differentials and TRD Metal Head Gaskets that handle higher cylinder pressure and heat. So if you want to inject more fun into your driving, turn to TRD accessories.

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Style that’s second to none… with amazing quality, too

It seems anyone and everyone is out to create a line of accessories. But TRD products stand alone. First, they’re designed and engineered for a perfect fit right out of the box. Second, they add that aura of exclusivity to your Toyota. So whether you’re looking to accent your engine bay with a TRD Oil or Radiator Cap, finish off the interior with a TRD Shift Knob, or use TRD Service Parts when it’s time for maintenance, remember that all TRD accessories deliver quality you can count on.

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Tuned to deliver music to your ears…

Having the right exhaust system is critical when it comes to performance. The ideal exhaust system balances the backpressure, works in harmony with the emissions system, and ultimately, let’s everyone know that this car or truck means business. TRD offers a variety of exhaust systems, ranging from complete CAT-back Exhaust Systems to stainless steel TRD Sport Mufflers. No matter which you choose, they all meet emissions requirements and aftermarket noise standards in all 50 states.

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Big Brakes make a big difference in stopping power

What's more important: acceleration or braking? The answer is braking. Why? Because high-performance brakes allow you to brake harder going into turns, which improves your lap times and your margin of safety. TRD Big Brake kits compliment the gains from increased power and handling, and all TRD brake kits and braking components are made using OE design and engineering data, ensuring seamless installation and consistent braking performance.

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Performance air INTAKE

More oxygen equals more power

More oxygen equals more power. When you add a TRD Performance Air Intake system to an engine, you get the benefits of cooler air. It’s simple physics. As air gets colder it gets denser, resulting in more oxygen rich air. This oxygen rich air packs more power per volume. TRD Performance Air Intake Systems have been dyno-tested and deliver an increase in both horsepower and torque for superior acceleration and more pulling power. You might not think that a small thing like increasing cold air flow is that important, but it is the little things that make a big difference.

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Chassis / Suspension

Can you handle the truth?

When it comes to suspension, what works great on the track, might be a little rough on the road. That’s where TRD can help: We understand the engineering that went into the suspension when it was designed. That allows TRD engineers to create components like TRD Shock Absorbers and Struts that firm up the ride without compromising the comfort, and TRD Sway Bars that reduce body roll when cornering, because our goal is to help you thoroughly enjoy the handling of your Toyota.

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performance filters

Efficiency gains through modern technology

TRD Filters can help your car's performance. With a TRD Oil Filter taking out the junk from your oil, you’ll have a clean, smoother running engine. And with TRD Air Filters, the reduced amount of junk getting into your engine results in increased air flow, giving your ride a little extra boost of performance. TRD High-Performance Air Filters have a free-flowing design, allowing the maximum amount of air to enter the engine with minimal resistance. Essentially they improve the flow without disturbing the calibration of the mass airflow sensor; this results in smoother, clean airflow.

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