Celebrating 40 Years of Awesome

For the average Joe, TRD came on the scene in the 90s as performance accessories for your Toyota or off-road packages for Toyota trucks. But that was just the proverbial tip of the performance-tuned iceberg. Toyota Racing Development had been working behind the scenes for decades before. From open-wheel to desert to NASCAR, almost every race out there has been studied and dominated by the mad genius engineers at TRD for almost 40 years.

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Celebrating 40 Years of awesome

TRD Timeline


From its humble beginnings as an aftermarket parts distributor and 'speed shop' in 1979, to one of the most accomplished and acclaimed engineering companies in motorsports, it's been a meteoric and championship-filled story for TRD, U.S.A.

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FJ Summit 18


Every year, hundreds of Toyota 4X4 owners trek to the annual FJ Summit in Ouray, Colorado for a week of fun, friendship and driving some of the most breathtaking trails in the world. This year, for the 12th annual FJ Summit, 397 vehicles and 838 people descended on this tiny town—four of those participants were Toyota’s own, Jason Kazee, Senior Analyst, Digital and Interactive Services, his fiancée, Brandy, and his two kids. Follow along as Jason shares his insights and analysis of this amazing event.

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FJ Summit 16

Las Vegas to Ouray, Colorado…
the hard way

It's funny, modern technology seemingly makes the world a smaller place. That is, unless you're Expedition Overland. Then your mission is to find the trails less traveled. Waterfalls that have never been seen. Adventures that make your heart stop and adrenaline flow.

Now imagine you're an automotive journalist, in for the ride of your life as Expedition Overland leads the way to the annual FJ Summit.

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