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"We come from ordinary walks of life and we come together to do extraordinary things. Ninety-five percent of Expedition Overland viewers will never be able to drive the length of the Pan-American Highway, but our videos could inspire them to unplug and leave civilization behind for an adventure.

Me, personally, I've been on five expeditions. Each of our shows combine our love of travel and our love of storytelling to document true bucket list adventures that people can relate to. It's given me a rolodex of memories, and some places really surprised me, like the Salmon Glacier outside of Hyder, Alaska — I didn't expect it to be so cool, or when we went to Punta Mariato — we had to use a boat to get to the southernmost point of North America — it's all about seeing how far you can go."


"We found that the overland community has a universal love of people getting in a car and going exploring. So, our end goal is to inspire people to get out there and do it. It's about immersing yourself wherever you are — some people get into the language, others get to know the local culture. We show people that we might not have all the answers, but we're doing it and so can you.

When you watch our episodes, you see the Expedition Overland team as they explore the world and reflect on the incredible places and experiences along the way. And if you're curious, here's how we decide where to go — it all starts based on our personal interests — we go to places that excite us—then we look at our timelines and if that works, we put it on our calendars. It's that simple!"

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"Long before the show, I owned Toyotas. In fact, I went on my honeymoon in a 4Runner! So, it's not unusual to find the Expedition Overland crew behind the wheel of Toyota vehicles as we explore the world. The current XO fleet includes a Land Cruiser 200 Series, a 5th generation 4 Runner, a Tacoma, Tundra and more.

The number one reason we use Toyota vehicles is reliability. Doing what we're doing, we need vehicles to be as robust as possible so we don't get stranded — Toyotas will get you there and back. In fact, when we traveled the length of the Pan-American Highway, the Toyotas performed without a flaw. We only had one 'Check Engine Light' and that was because we didn't put the gas cap on tight. And when we're outfitting our vehicles, we count on TRD Parts and Accessories because they're strong, capable and functional."

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Toyota getting there and back


"Our first Tacoma had the TRD exhaust installed and it made for an even more interesting character in our series. It sounded really good! So, we have added the TRD exhaust to all our Tacoma's over the years and now our brand new Tundra! The TRD Performance Dual Exhaust System sounds amazing on that truck!"

  • TRD Performance Dual Exhaust systems give Toyota trucks a deep, throaty exhaust note while still meeting the legal 95-decibel noise limit.
  • They feature stainless steel construction for long-term durability and are finished with dual TRD logo-etched tips.
  • The TRD design delivers less restriction for the exhaust gases, which helps reduce backpressure for added low- to mid-range torque and improved horsepower.
TRD Exhaust
TRD exhaust


Vehicles shown are personal owner cars and may be modified with non-Genuine Toyota parts and accessories; may not be drivable, under warranty, or street legal. Trademarks appearing on the vehicles are those of their respective owners.