The Making of the Camry TRD

The Camry TRD has a custom TRD cat-back dual exhaust, sport-tuned suspension, and looks that’ll make your neighbors stare.

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The making of the Camry TRD
So Much More than Wheels

So Much More than Wheels

They can look beautiful or tough. They can catch your eye or disappear into the body. Either way, your ride requires four of them—wheels. The 2020 TRD lineup introduces all-new black, forged aluminum 18-in. BBS wheels wrapped in all-terrain rubber. Incredibly good looking and crazy tough.

Read on to learn what goes into making TRD wheels, and what Toyota does to make sure they'll never let you down.

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25 Hour Race

Engineers' 25-hour race

Forming an endurance racing team to compete in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill is an unusual method for team-building, but it is the route the engineers at Toyota's Arizona Proving Ground chose.

And while you might think they found immediate success, it took years of trial, error, racing, and working before they could even consider Thunderhill.

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TRD Offroad


We talk a lot about creating the best production vehicles for people who want to get off the pavement and out into the wild. So, to show you how we actually do that, meet Mike Jarobe.

Mike's official title is Sr.Manager, Product Quality and Support. In his words, his number one job is to "ensure product quality for our customers." How does he do that? Well, it includes early detection, updating manufacturing processes, and getting solutions out to dealership service departments.

For Mike, it started with dropping out of business school to become a mechanic.

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TRD Pro 2020


Most cars fear pulling onto the shoulder, much less into the grass—but these bad boys live for it. The TRD Pro line of trucks and SUVs are the toughest, meanest, most off-road capable vehicles Toyota makes. If you like your vehicle showing more mud than paint, you've found your new playtoys.

All the ride elements have been strengthened for the demands of off-road driving (without sacrificing comfortable seats and a killer stereo, of course). But to really help explain what makes TRD Pro special, we turned to Cody, Dave, and three jars of salsa.

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Camry Avalon 2020

TRD Camry and Avalon Hunker Down

Three red letters—TRD—have long been synonymous with racing and off-road excellence. But for 2019, Toyota injects their family sedans with decades of engineering adrenaline to create the TRD Camry and Avalon.

To understand what makes these models different from their regular models—beyond the easy stuff like engines and body kit—we cornered TRD lead engineer Jakin Wilson. We got down under the car and looked at a seldom-seen but imperative part of what makes these TRD models so special: the suspension and tires...

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