The C-HR is unlike any vehicle Toyota has ever launched. The stylish, technology-filled subcompact SUV is a leap forward in design and innovation. And, yes, the chassis was refined by driving on some of the world's most curvaceous and technically challenging roads, including the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany's Eifel mountains. But just how far can you push its limits? Can a mild-mannered front-wheel-drive SUV be transformed into an outrageous race car that can compete against the McLaren 650 S Spyder, Porsche 911 GT3, and Nissan GT-R NISMO?

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Discover how cinematographer Clay Croft embraced overlanding and created his company, Expedition Overland: "One night, I looked in the garage and there was my built-up 2001 Tacoma and a stock Land Cruiser, and the light bulb went on: 'What if I made a show about traveling the world by vehicle?' So, I called friends that decided to Overland the Pan-American Highway, and Expedition Overland was born."

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The icons of off-road are back! Meet the 2019 TRD Pro Series Tundra, 4Runner and Tacoma: Each one sports dirt-loving tech that lets you tackle just about any terrain. The key is in the engineering—they start Toyota tough, then TRD's engineers take over. A whole host of impressive equipment transforms these trucks into exceptional off-road powerhouses that push you to your limit—then beg for more! So, when you're ready to go places, these TRD Pro Series models are the ultimate tool to get you there and back!

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Under the hood at TRD

When you stop and think that NASCAR was formed in 1947 and Toyota/TRD didn't start racing in NASCAR until 2006, we're literally the new kid on the block. But that hasn't stopped our success—if anything, it pushed the Toyota/TRD-powered teams to prove that they're contenders to win every week. "At that time, (Toyota) literally didn't care about winning, it was about participating. From our end here (at TRD), we wanted to win and we were confident it would come in time. And it has," said Dave Wilson, President and General Manager, TRD USA.

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Toyota 86

—Slaying the dragon.

Autocross. It's a driving event that requires skill, finesse and power. When Jonathan Lugod drove his 205-horsepower 2017 Toyota 86 into the pits at the 18th Annual Palm Springs Corvette Club Autocross, most drivers didn't give him a second glance, thinking, "just another import." A few hours later, after having secured the fastest overall time of the day, everyone was curious to see what was under the hood of the Toyota 86. The answer: A stock engine with a few TRD add-ons.

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Team 5 Medical

—they fly, float, 4-wheel or walk to go where others won't to help the helpless.

Whether it's in the United States or the Amazon jungle, where there are people in need, Team 5 Medical will fly, float, 4-wheel or walk to provide medical care. Team 5 Medical Foundation—the "5" means that there are five active or former Special Forces medical professionals on each mission—was created to provide medical care in the most underserved, remote and dangerous areas of the world.

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