When it comes to brakes – bigger is better. Adding a TRD Big Brake kit makes sense because it allows you to improve the braking performance of your Toyota or Scion to compliment the performance gains from increased power and handling.

All TRD Big Brake kits share several fundamental technologies: a patented internal rotor design to maximize cooling air flow, maximized corrosion protection for a long and trouble-free service life, calipers designed for maximum stiffness, and universal availability of replacement brake pads.

As with other TRD products, TRD brake products are engineered using OE design and engineering data, assuring seamless installation and performance that meets rigorous factory test standards.

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Enhance factory front-to-rear balance of brake torque, while increasing the reserve of brake system performance used during aggressive driving and panic stops

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Break rotors


All TRD rotors feature either slotted or drilled designs to enhance cooling and help clear brake dust. TRD optimizes weight by thinning the hat section...the flange maintains OEM thickness to ensure proper thread engagement.

Break pads


TRD brake pads use optimum pad material for impressive braking performance. All pads go through a ‘bedding-in’ process that properly conditions them with the rotor surfaces.

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