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Brandon Walsh / Homemade Motorsports— determination, drive and desire!

Few people can trace the start of their racing career back to a single moment. Brandon Walsh can. It was June 5, 2005 ‐ he had just turned 18 and his buddy Mike called and said, "I'm going to pick you up tomorrow morning ‐ we're going to Mexico to watch the 500." Brandon initially said no ‐ he had no interest in racing. But at 4:30 a.m. the next day, Mike picked him up, they headed south of the border, and Brandon instantly fell in love with racing. So much so, he took his street-legal Tacoma and transformed it into a race truck, launching his racing career in 2006. Read on to discover how his racing career has progressed over the past decade...

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BJ BALDWIN… one is the loneliest number?

A handful of Toyota's most promising, and accomplished, That is, unless you're in first place – then it's best number in the world. Just ask BJ "Ballistic" Baldwin, two-time winner of the 1,000-mile race in Baja and the newest member of the Toyota racing family. BJ races Baja solo, just like his idol and mentor, Ivan "Ironman" Stewart. "I truly don’t think anyone but me can appreciate how tough Ivan was because of the sacrifices it takes to drive 1,000 miles solo," said BJ. The big race is coming up in November, so let's see what it takes to compete...

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A handful of Toyota’s most promising, and accomplished, engineers tackle One-Lap-Of-America, taking on hair-pin turns, long transit commutes and everything mother nature could throw at them. Giving as good as they got, Toyota’s Engineers put the FR-S and Avalon through their paces, testing the cars, and their own, durability, agility and performance.

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20 drivers race for charity and the championship

After 40 years and over 2.3 Million dollars raised in support of Racing For Kids, the fan favorite Pro/Celebrity Race at the Toyota’s Grand Prix of Long Beach, CA hits the checkered flag. This years’ lineup saw hall of fame drivers, athletes and celebrities battling for the final crown. With 19 of 20 drivers being past champions, many of whom were multi-year winners, there was plenty of competition.

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